Design Outcome 🚀

The Keppel Electric UI/UX redesign resulted in a streamlined and user-friendly interface. The focus was on enhancing the overall user experience, making it more intuitive and efficient for users interacting with Keppel Electric’s platform.


monthly active users


star ratings



🗒️ Step 4: UI Design Improvements (App)

Given the limitations of the previous wrapper app, the redesign prioritised a comprehensive user experience, including notifications, a rewards program, and personalised content.

🎯 Simple & Intuitive User Interface for the app
Dashboard design – provides a snapshot of bills, contract details, and electricity consumption over the past 6 months.

Sign in using Singpass or user ID


🌟 New Feature 1: Bill Payment History
This consists of bill payment history, consumption breakdowns, and red-highlighted buttons for important actions.

🌟 New Feature 2: Energy consumption
Users select can view their electricity consumption in kWh or costs. Real-time prompts indicate consumption status (average, slightly over, over consumption).

🌟 New Feature 3: Rewards & Loyalty Programme
Users can earn points through green challenges for reward redemption.

🌟 New Feature 4: Gamification
Integrates gamification with green challenges for points. Community page enhances interaction, complemented by a blog for enriched content.

🗒️ Step 3: UI Design Improvements (Desktop)

🎯 My solution focused on presenting information clearly

For instance, if you were to look at their old website, their price plans are titled as “DOT (discount of regulated tariff), FIXED, KNIGHT (use at night)” which does not give any context to the plan.

Therefore, pricing plans were revamped to include details like price plan contract duration, call-outs such as popular plans, saver plan, best for night etc and estimated savings, enhancing user comprehension

🎯 Sign up User Flow

Conducted client discussions to ensure the seamless alignment of the Call to Action (CTA) within the sign-up process. Clarified and optimised the steps for an improved user journey.

🌟 New Feature 1: Chatbox & FAQs

Based on the insights that we gathered from our research, users are looking for customer support. The redesign addresses user needs with added customer support features like a chatbox and FAQs.

Sticky chatbox button at the bottom of the page

Comprehensive FAQs section

🌟 New Feature 2: Sustainability pages

Have dedicated pages to highlight Keppel Electric’s sustainability initiatives.

Keppel Electric involvement in sustainable energy

An “Article” page that shares topic on sustainability

🗒️ Step 2: Content Strategy

To understand the old site and its content, I reviewed and adjusted the hierarchical structure, categorisation, and flow of information to optimise usability, accessibility, and overall user experience.

User Interface Design

🚧 Challenges

To deliver x6 visual identity options in 10 days.
To deliver website (desktop & mobile) and app in 6 weeks.

🗒️ Step 1: Defining Visual Identity

After the branding workshop, my team and I took the mission statement and the brand personality to craft 6 different design directions to present to the client.

Final Visual style

It was decided to go for option 4 where the visual identity embraces a softer colour palette, reinforcing the sustainability theme.

Provide a comprehensive user experience

Need to provide more personalised content

Users are looking for customer support

Provide added customer support features

Highlight sustainability features

This will be inline with KE’s new business goals

🗒️ Step 3: Analyse and synthesise research insights

The insights gathered from the UX research – shaping the approach to the redesign.

🗒️ Step 2: Qualitative & Quantitative Research

We surveyed 800 users of Keppel Electric, SP group and OEM market to understand what drives their decision on an electric provider and what features they looked for in a website and app.

Key Learning #2

👍🏻 Stakeholder interviews revealed positive feedback on the existing sign-up process, to be retained in the redesign.

❌ However, challenges were identified, such as a duplicated design and content between website and app causing limitations and reduced user-friendliness.

UX Research

🗒️ Step 1: Conduct stakeholder interviews

Before diving into UI design, my team and I conducted internal stakeholder interviews to gather feedback on the existing website and app.

Key Learning #1

Keeping the brand attributes of Convenience, Customer Support, and Sustainability at the forefront, I will conceptualise features that resonate with Keppel Electric’s forward-thinking vision.

‍Brand & Strategy Kickoff

Aligning UX/UI with Keppel Electric’s Vision

In this case study, I aligned UX/UI design with Keppel Electric’s rebranding vision, exploring the transformative fusion of UX/UI and Branding in digital design.

This synergy transcends functionality, shaping a comprehensive user experience that intricately defines the brand’s essence through aesthetics, emotions, and values.

Keppel Electric’s new business goals

In response to intense competition from other OEM retailers, Keppel Electric has formulated new business goals as seen from below:

Brand Attributes & Mission Statement

Aligned with the business goal, my team crafted a new brand mission statement – "Sustainable energy made simple for a better future." This statement, embodying a "Thoughtful, Measured, Considered" personality, was embraced by the client as part of their rebranding strategy to distinguish themselves in the competitive landscape.

The Catalyst for Change

Keppel Electric recognized the imperative to enhance the customer experience on their website and app, prompted by numerous negative reviews on the app store.


How might we elevate Keppel Electric’s digital platforms for sustainable engagement, addressing user-friendliness, and overcoming wrapper app limitations effectively?






The Singaporean electricity market, evolving since 2001, saw the 2018 Open Electricity Market (OEM) launch, prompting a substantial shift in household choices. Keppel Electric leads with a 23.4% residential share, leveraging 21 years of experience. Amid fierce competition, Keppel Electric aims to rebrand, addressing perceptions and introducing a green energy focus and digital initiatives.

OEM Retailers in current market

My Deliverables:

UXUI Design, UX Strategy, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Website & App design, Branding


UXUI Designer, Brand Designer, Briefed web developer on website build




July - September 2021 (8 weeks)

Website launched Dec 2021:

Project Summary

Keppel Electric faced challenges with their current digital platforms, lacking user-friendliness and functionality in the app. To address this, I have helped to redesign their website and app, which has reached 6000+ monthly active users with 4/5.0 star rating from 900+ reviews (Google Play).

A Redesigned Platform: Boasting 6000+ Monthly Users

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